Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • NEW  What is your breakfast/lunch account balance policy?

    July 2018 our Board of Education approved a new policy. No student will be permitted to purchase any meals for which the student does not have sufficient balance in his/her food service account or sufficient cash on his/her person to purchase the food items. The student will be given a peanut butter sandwich, fruit, and milk for lunch and charged .80 cents to his/her food service account.

    How much does it cost for breakfast/lunch?

    Breakfast cost:

    $1.85 daily

    $9.25 weekly 

    $333.00 yearly

    Lunch cost:

    $2.90 daily

    $14.50 weekly

    $522 yearly


    How will I know when my account gets low?

    When your student's food account is $30 or less, you will be notified through PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please remember to log in and get a PowerSchool account set up for your student(s). The box must be checked under notifications in order to receive email notifications for low/negative balance. Parents may check lunch account status using the PowerSchool link at the top of this page. Lunch accounts are updated daily. https://bigfoot.powerschool.com/public/

    What’s new in the School Cafeteria?

    The food service department has a new vending machine. The vending machine will have fresh sub sandwiches, PBJs, chocolate milk, drinks, and snacks. The vending machine will be on 24/7.  The machine accepts $1 or $5 bills. If you have a suggestion on an item that you would like to have in the vending machine, please contact Shelly Chisamore, Food Service Manager.

     Can I get help paying for meals?

    Yes. If you think you may qualify for free or reduced priced meals or need to set-up a payment plan, please contact Shelly Chisamore, Food Service Director at (262)394-4418.

    Do you serve breakfast?

    Yes, BFHS serves breakfast to all students, every morning from 7:00–7:20 a.m., and to seniors 9:00 a.m. to 9:28 a.m. Big Foot High School offers breakfast. You are offered a different hot breakfast sandwich every day. The hot sandwich comes with an apple or orange and milk. There are also “grab and go” breakfasts available that contain either a WG PBJ sandwich, WG breakfast bar yogurt or WG cereals. Also included with the “grab and go” is string cheese, an apple slices or strawberry cup and milk.

    Why should I eat breakfast?


    • It reduces fatigue & sleepiness in mid-morning hours.
    • It helps to banish the blues.
    • It helps maintain weight (calories consumed earlier in the day are more efficiently utilized).
    • It improves concentration.
    • It helps you function more efficiently.
    • It generally improves diet (less snacking).


    Shelly Chisamore
    Food Service Director