• Scholarship money generally comes from three sources:

    • Private Scholarships
    • Scholarships offered by the future school
    • Big Foot High School Local Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships

    *Specific scholarship information is posted Google Classroom.

    Private Scholarships

    Private scholarships can be accessed in two ways:

    1. A student can go and find scholarships by searching the internet and networking with others. Many students choose to use a scholarship database, like Going Merry,  to streamline their search. Many databases exist and they can be an efficient way to apply for and win scholarships; please, however, do your homework to make sure the scholarships for which you are applying are legitimate.

    2. Private Scholarship opportunities will also come to the student via Google Classroom

    Scholarships Offered by the Future School

    • Most future schools have scholarship opportunities even for incoming freshmen
    • Some schools use a student's admissions application as his or her scholarship application as well, but some do not
    • Some scholarship deadlines are ahead of admission decision timelines; it's possible a student could win a scholarship even before he or she is admitted to a school
    • The fastest way to learn about scholarship opportunities at future schools is to go to the school's webpage and search scholarships

    Big Foot High School Local & Foundation Scholarships

    • Any senior at BFHS can apply for a scholarship
    • All students should consider applying as most [if not all] students can be awarded some money