Depositing Funds

  • In an effort to decrease the amount of time for students to get through the food service lines, BFHS has installed an automated lunch cashier system. Parents have the opportunity to place money in a student's account. When students go through the food service lines, they will scan their student ID. The cashier will debit purchases from that student's account.

    Deposits In-Person or by Efunds

    Students may make deposits to their account, in-person in the main office, with Brenda Utesch, the food service director, on Efunds (must have student ID#) or by depositing a check into the money box in the front foyer. Please put student ID and name of student on the check. There will be one line open at meal times that will accept cash. No change will be given. The remainder will be depositied into your student's lunch account.

     Deposits Via Mail

    Please mail checks to BFHS at the address below. Be sure to include your student(s) name and ID# on any checks for food service.

    Big Foot High School
    P.O. Box 99
    Walworth, WI 53184

    Account Balance

    Follow the steps below to check our family account via the Internet.

    1. Log on to PowerSchool
    2. On the left navigation pane, click Balance.
    3. Low Balance
    4. When a family account reaches $10 or less, the cashier will remind your student. BFHS will also send an email message to your primary email address if it is on file. If you don't have an email address, then a letter will be mailed home. Please note that BFHS will not allow families to carry a negative account balance, per schoolboard policy #8500.  (see below)

    Special Options

    Parents may designate if they do not want their children to purchase a la carte items or if they wish to set a dollar limit each day for money spent on ala carte items. (Note: second milk is considered an ala carte item.) If you do not wish your student to purchase A la Carte items, please let Brenda Utesch know and she can put a note on their account.