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  • Art Club
    2016-2017 Art Club- Row 1: Tiffany Cruz, Lauren Miller, Cassandra Gutierrez, Emily Vacula, Jaqueline Sanchez, Hazel Wolf, Victoria Alcozer, Sara Canche; Row 2: Monica Flores, Haley Bain, Linda Perez, Isabel Huerta, Anna Macleod, Viridiana Carreno, Emmalee Gregg, Linda Alcozer, Aalijah Dickman; Row 3: Isabel Kinerk, Gaby Castaneda, Gregory Baker, Logan McGarry, Carla Zuniga, Josie Wells, Isabella Rodriguez, Antione Mcgill, Haley Taylor

  • Adviser
         Claudia Ericson

    What is Art Club?
    Art Club is a service organization made up of students who enjoy making art, being around art, and installing art in and around BFHS.

    Who can join Art Club? Anyone may join Art Club at any time throughout the year.

    What Field Trips does Art Club sponsor?

    Art Club has used their donations to sponsor the following experiences for its members:

    *Architectural Boat Tour on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan

    *Christmas windows and Kristkindle Markets in Chicago

    *Musical Les Miserable at the Paramount Theater in Aurora

    *Chicago Cultural Center and Art Institute of Chicago

    *the Milwaukee Art Museum, Madison's Contemporary Museum of Art

    *Laser tag 

    *Madison's Chazen Gallery of Art

    *Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD)

    *School of the Art Institute

    *UW-Madison's Art Department

    *This year a May field trip is scheduled to tour the sculpture garden and extensive art collection at the EPIC Company's Verona Campus.

    When and How Often does Art Club meet? Art Club meets most Mondays after school in the 2D Art Room E33.

    What kinds of activities does Art Club participate in?   

    *Art Club designs, paints, and cleans up the front circle entrance windows for Homecoming as well as hang streamers in the front foyer.

    *Art Club decorates the school with seasonal installation art pieces several times throughout the school year.  

    *Art Club also hosts several art workshops and Art Club Contests. For example, we have held cupcake decorating contests, tie dyeing t-shirt     , and origami classes.

    *As a service to the school, Art Club often helps construct, paint, and hang banners up to promote school activities and/or honor a sports team    going to a state tournament.

    *Art Club takes part in all-school initiatives to raise funds for global crises, such as hurricane victims, etc.

    How does Art Club raise money for their field trips? Art Club receive donations for cleaning and polishing bronze statues in Walworth Industrial Park, Walworth and Fontana Libraries, Fontana lakefront, and at the Open Arms Free Clinic. In addition, Art Club receives a donation from the Walworth Fontana Rotary Club for providing face painting at their August Corn and Brat Festival.



  • President
       Linda Alcozer

       Isabel Kinerk

       Vicki Alcozer

       Jaqueline Sanchez