Drama Club

  • Drama Club
    2020 - 2021 Drama Club - Row 1: Tiffany Borger, Mia Nor, Val Lopez, Chloe Weborg, Karen Flores, Lea Scholz, Gianna Webster, Amanda Miller, Destiny Gonzalez, Emily Leon, Andrea Bernal, Autumn Goodell, Silvana Alfano; Row 2: Stephanie Santiago, Dejanira Ortiz, Melody Steffens, Jocelyn Arnold, Alexa Clary, Hannah Grever, Kaden Rambatt, Lilah Wojcik, Kyra Springhorn, Taylor Oltrogge, Lindsey McIntyre, Lacey Klade, Lauren Glos, Ashley Miller, Sara Dominguez, Ms. Liza Shapin; Row 3: Jada Martens, Lishi Palmer, Halle Wiedenhoeft, Spencer Majerus, Josephine Aitken, Maggie Norman, Alexis Boivin, Veronica Jackson, Amanda Bender, Hannah Fritz, Hanah Nordmeyer, Lizzie Lueck, Abby Hildebrandt, Maylani Venegas, Mollee Flitcroft; Row 4: Austin Buchholz, Declan McHugh, Sarah Frederick, Basil Demco, Joey Schmitz, Angelina Anderson, Ethan Laitila, Gus Foster, Ethan Connelly, Alex Schmitz, Jacob Laing, Ethan Jackowski, Eli Laing, Nathan Birdsall, Ricardo Ocampo Gonzalez, Mr. Neal Raskin, Mrs. Gail August


  • Advisers
         Ms. Liza Shapin - Director (Musical)
         Ms. Gail August - Director (Play)
         Mr. Neal Raskin - Music Director

    Drama club is open to all students interested in participation in the fall play or spring musical.  Participants can perform onstage or work backstage as part of our tech crew working with the set, make-up, lights, and sound.  Students work together to help create and perform shows for the school and the community.