• Advisor:
         Ms. Corinne Sanders

    Today, competitive or supported employment, supported living and lifelong learning are expectations for students with differing abilities. Schools across the nation, including Big Foot High School, need to provide transition programs in school and in the community. These programs provide the vital link from high school to adult life for students with differing abilities. The Big Foot School Store allows students an opportunity to gain employability skills that apply across a variety of jobs and life contexts. In order to be a productive citizen in the world of work, family, or community involvement, mastery of basic employability skills is essential for all students. Student involvement in the Big Foot School Store is designed to address the skills and behaviors that are critical in the 21st century. The intent of employment in the Big Foot School Store is to recognize a student’s mastery of employability skills valued by employers, help students explore a career interest, and provide a state credential of student mastery of employability skills.