Student Council

  • Student Council
    2016-2017 Student Council - Row 1: Meghan McEneany, Kate Sarnowski, Alyssa Block, Claire Beyers, Molly McEneany, Sophia Foster, Viridiana Carreno, Elise Glos, Riley Alness; Row 2: Aly Flynn, Katlyn Decker, Emmanuel Carreno, Christian Karabas, Penny Brooks, Maddie Palmer, Eli Hibl, Jack Grunow, Manuel Bernal, Grace Gillingham; Row 3: Mrs. Dani Lawler, Sonja Ericson, Reagan Courier, Makenzie Trosclair, Paige Sammons, Ryann Tisdale, Sam Ritchey, Kasandra Newman, Hugo Dominguez, Yesenia Gonzalez, Mrs. Nicole Raskin; Row 4: William Volmar, Payton Courier,  Jacque Christman, David Martin, Jack Heidenreich, Jackson Enz, Jack Gillingham, Pedro Sierra, Braden Buchholz, Ava Doubek

  • Advisers
         Mrs. Dani Lawler
         Mrs. Nicole Raskin

         The purpose of Student Council is to promote student participation in BFHS, to develop leadership among students, and to promote a positive image of our school. Student Council plans and coordinates student social activities, including Homecoming and holiday assemblies, community service activities and school improvement.  Members act as a voice representing the interests of the student body. Student Council is open to all stduents grades 9-12. Applications for those interested can be picked up at the beginning of the school year. Student Council will meet every other Wednesday in Mrs. Raskin's room (W34). 

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