Student Council

  • Student Council
    2019 - 2020 Student Council - Row 1: Chloe Weborg, Hailey Winn, Destiny Gonzalez, Natalie Lohse, Lucy Goodman, Kitana Gulotta, Val Lopez, Maddie Duesterbeck, Autumn Goodell; Row 2: Luz Leon, Hannah Grever, Monroe Melges, Ava Beyers, Tess Gillingham, Ally Ries, Lindsey McIntyre, Ellyn Blakeman, Olivia Nordmeyer; Row 3: Mrs. Dani Lawler, Alexis Swaney, Tess Hoeflich, Ciara Connelly, Raquel Fritz, Austin Buchholz, Robin Cronin, Jocelyn Arnold, Jada Martens; Row 4: Mrs. Nicole Raskin, Spencer Majerus, Sarah Frederick, Joey Schmitz, Alex Schmitz, Augustus Foster, Angelina Anderson, Declan McHugh, Dawson Grever, Chelsea Holt; Not Pictured: Paulina Carlos, Silvana Alfano, John Rambatt, Morgan Rego

Homecoming 2021

  • Hoco
    HOMECOMING WEEK! Alex Schmitz, Gus Foster, Tess Gillingham, and members of Student Council decorate for Homecoming Week. This year's theme is "Here Comes the Sun."

Trunk or Treat

  • trunkortreat
    Each October, members of Student Council and National Honor Society volunteer at Trunk or Treat which is an event put on by the Big Foot Recreation Department.


  • Advisers
         Mrs. Dani Lawler
         Mrs. Nicole Raskin

         The purpose of Student Council is to promote student participation in BFHS, to develop leadership among students, and to promote a positive image of our school. Student Council plans and coordinates student social activities, including Homecoming week and holiday assemblies, community service activities, and school improvement. Members act as a voice representing the interests of the student body. Student Council is open to all stduents grades 9-12. Applications for those interested can be picked up in May of each year. Freshmen are welcomed to apply in October of their freshmen year! 

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Senior Parking Spaces

  • parking spaces
    This year, Student Council President, Jocelyn Arnold, organized the first ever parking lot fundraiser. Seniors were able to paint their parking spaces.