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Instrumental Music

  • Welcome to the web page for the BFHS Bands! We have a strong tradition of excellence in all of our curricular music ensembles. 

         Mr. Neal Raskin

    Curricular Ensembles

    • Concert Band: is a course designed for incoming freshmen. We build strong musicianship skills and a unified set of musical knowledge. 
    • Wind Ensemble: is an advanced band for sophomores through seniors. We study advanced repertoire including modern works to the classics. We build strong skills and encourage students to enroll in private lessons and pursue honor band opportunities outside the school day.
    • Jazz Band: is an advanced level course with enrollment by audition only. Auditions are held in January of each year and materials can be obtained from Mr. Raskin. We study big band style, funk, rock, be-bop and blues with an emphasis placed on improvisation and independence. 

    Co-Curricular Ensembles

    • Pep Band/Marching Band: All members of any band at BFHS are automatically members of the pep band. The band performs at all home football games, two volleyball, and 10 basketball games throughout the school year. 
      • This ensemble is not graded, however notification from the parent/guardian of a student's absence is required.
      • All students at BFHS may participate in this co-curricular ensemble.
    • Pit Orchestra: Accompanying the musical, the pit orchestra delivers sweet sounds that enhance the acting, dancing and singing on stage. If you're interested in being a part of the pit orchestra, please contact Mr. Olson


  • Concert Band
    2016-2017 Concert Band - Row 1: Olivia Freitag, MayLin Freitag, Taylor Weborg, Cassandra Gutierrez, Brianna Martinez, Amber Gresham; Row 2: Mr. Neal Raskin, Alfredo Hernandez, Anna MacLeod, Claudia Mendoza, John McHugh, Delila Payton, Rylie Emmerich; Not Pictured: Heraclio Lavariega, Emanuel Carreno, Taylor Trotti

     Wind Ensemble
    2016-2017 Wind Ensemble - Row 1: Hans Murtell, Hazel Wolf, Emily Vacula, Brianna Goncales, Nancy Huerta Bautista, Emely Vargas, Linda Alcozer, Grace Narayanan, Haley Bain, Rodrigo Soto, Jaqueline Sanchez; Row 2: Antion'e McGill, Claire Beyers, Andriunna McGill, Kaitlyn Brock, Sophia Foster, Melissa Konkel, Gabriella Casteneda, Gabriel Acevedo, Evan Karabas, Leslie Lavariega, Makenzie Lueck; Row 3: Owen Ruhl, Enrique Huerta Bautista, Joshua Ohrwall, Heath Dillenbeck, Kieran Featherstone, Jeff Martin, Nicholas Freymiller, Matthew Schultz, Joshua Navin, Maximus Marousek, Benas Urbitas, Faith Long; Row 4: Mr. Neal Raskin, Timothy Robaczewski, Samuel Knorr, Nicholas Lange, Jacque Christman, Mitchell Schaefer, Alexander Mullis, Nathan McIntyre, Jared Wells, Logan McGarry, Aleathia Zalud, Oscar Walters; Not Pictured: Tiffany Cruz, Josephine Wells, Taylor Trotti, Kendra Heath-Brost, Alexander Laing

     Jazz Band
    2016-2017 Jazz Band - Row 1: Oscar Walters, Jeff Martin, Mitchell Schaefer, Kieran Featherstone, Kendra Heath-Brost, Jared Wells, Jacque Christman; Row 2: Matthew Schultz, Alexander Laing, Heath Dillenbeck, Faith Long, Melissa Konkel, Grace Narayanan, Owen Ruhl; Row 3: Nathan McIntyre, Evan Karabas, Joshua Navin, Joshua Ohrwall, Mr. Neal Raskin; Not Pictured: Taylor Trotti

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