• Big Foot High School Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

  • The categorical listing of scholarships are tentatively available to Big Foot High School seniors.  Seniors become eligible for a variety of scholarships by submitting the BFHS General Application 2020 OR filling out the separate scholarship application form (link attached to specific scholarship). 

    Click a category to the left to review the specific scholarship available for this year.  Scholarships with “financial need” listed as a criterion require accurate completion of the Financial Need section of the BFHS General Application. 

    Please note that final awards can include additional scholarships not known at the time this application was published, or may exclude some of those listed here. 

    Questions about any scholarships or the general application procedure should be directed to:

    • Mrs. Claudia Ericson
    • Phone: (262) 394 - 4460
    • Email: cjericson@bigfoot.k12.wi.us

Important Dates


    Congratulations to all our 2020 Scholarship Recipents!