Chief's Closet

  • Mission Statement: 

    To support the educational and socioemotional needs of all Big Foot High School students and their families by providing assistance during times of need from food insecurity, financial instability, and other difficult life situations.  

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  • Our food distribution program:
    We provide a comprehensive food distribution program that provides non-perishables, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other personal items needed to live a healthy lifestyle.  The food is distributed in a confidential manner that is respectful to the student's privacy as well as the family.  We also offer a shopping style food pantry environment that allows the person to choose items that appeal to them.
    How we use our donated products:
    Our donated products are brought in, verified for health and safety, exp date etc..., organized and then available for distribution to the consumer in a pleasing display in the chief closet room.  
    How many students do we typically serve? 
    This past year (2018/2019) we served approximately 18 families regularly...Those 18 families had a total of 43 children 
    If you would like to donate to the Chief's Closet please contact Beth Grever @