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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Why is your high school named Big Foot?

    Big Foot Union High School is named after the Potawatomi Indian Chief Big Foot who lived along the banks of Geneva Lake until his tribe was relocated by the United States government in 1836. In fact, Geneva Lake was originally known as Big Foot Lake until John Brink, a surveyor, renamed it.


    Who was Chief Big Foot?

    Chief Big Foot (a.k.a. "Maumksuck" in his native tongue or "Gros Pied" to the French) was the last Potawatomi Indian Chief to live in this area before European settlers moved to Geneva Lake. In 1833, to avoid war, many Indian tribes signed the Treaty of Chicago that ceded all Indian lands East of the Mississippi River by 1836. [Note: Wisconsin became the 30th state in the U.S. in 1848.]


    What is a union high school?

    As one of ten union high school districts in the state, Big Foot Union High School is recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) as both a high school and an independent 9-12 grade district. We have our own school board and our own district administrator (i.e. superintendent). We collaborate with four area feeder elementary schools (Fontana, Reek, Sharon, and Walworth) which are also independent or joint PK-8 districts. Together the five schools combine to form the Big Foot Area Schools Association (BFASA). In short, seven Walworth county municipalities (including three villages) share resources in one area high school. That high school is its own school district, Big Foot Union High School.


    Where is Big Foot High School? Where is Walworth?

    Big Foot High School is located at 401 Devils Lane in Walworth, Wisconsin, USA. The Village of Walworth is located in southern Walworth County, on U.S. Hwy 14 and State Hwy 67, about two miles north of the Wisconsin-Illinois border. We are located about one mile from the western shore of Geneva Lake, about 60 miles SE of Madison, about 60 miles SW of Milwaukee, and about 80 miles NW of Chicago. [Click here for Google Map]


    What is the BFHS nickname? Does BFHS have a school mascot? Does BFHS have a school logo? What are BFHS's school colors?

    We have a nickname, but we don't have a mascot. We are the Big Foot Chiefs. A copy of our school logo can be found on our home page. Our school colors are scarlet and silver.


    What communities send students to BFHS? What elementary schools feed into BFHS?

    Our students primarily come from four area feeder schools. Fontana, Reek, Sharon, and Walworth Elementary Schools represent the communities of the Village of Fontana on Geneva Lake, the Town of Linn (on the South Lakeshore of Geneva Lake), the Village of Sharon and the Village of Walworth, respectively. Collectively, seven Walworth county municipalities share resources in one area high school.


    How many students attend BFHS?

    Approximately 500 students attend Big Foot High School.


    Who is depicted in the photograph?

    Potawatomi Chief Big Foot is depicted in the sculpture by district resident Jay Brost. [There are no known photographs of this Chief Big Foot.]

    Statue of Chief Big Foot by Jay Brost