Current Board of Education

  • Board of Education

    [Left to Right]
    Row 1: Treasurer Margaret Labus, President Ed Hayden, Member Kristi Reierson-McWayne
    Row 2: Vice President Jim Brost, Clerk Jane Palmer

Mr. Edward Hayden

  • Board President Edward Hayden
    Officer Role: President

    Representing Area: Village and Town of Sharon

    Term Expires: 2025

    Board Duties:
    Policy Committee
    Negotiations Committee

Ms. Kristi Reierson-McWayne

  • Kristi Reierson
    Officer Role:

    Representing Area: Village of Walworth

    Term Expires: 2026

    Board Duties:
    Building and Grounds Committee

Mr. Jim Brost

  • Vice-President Jim Brost
    Officer Role:
     Vice President

    Representing Area: Town of Walworth & parts of Town of Delavan

    Term Expires: 2024

    Board Duties:
    BFASA Representative
    WASB Delegate Representative
    CESA 2 Board Representative

Mrs. Margaret Labus

  • Margaret Labus
    Officer Role: Treasurer

    Representing Area: Village of Fontana

    Term Expires: 2026

    Board Duties:
    BFHS Educational Foundation Representative
    BFHS Fine Arts Foundation Representative

Ms. Jane Palmer

  • School Board Member Jane Palmer
    Officer Role: 

    Representing Area: Town of Linn

    Term Expires: 2024

    Board Duties:
    Negotiations Team
    Policy Committee
    Fine Arts Foundation Representative