Wickstrom Memorial Scholarship

  • The Wickstrom families of Walworth Township were Swedish immigrants to the United States in the early 1900’s, who first settled in Chicago before moving to Walworth. The Wickstrom family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Wickstrom and a daughter Eleanor and three sons Einar, Edward and John.  The 3 brothers were well known for their wonderful craftsmanship as carpenters and house builders in Chicago. After a successful career in Chicago, Eleanor Wickstrom and two of her brothers Edward and John, bought land on the Big Foot Prairie and built a house, which is still there today. They farmed and were active members of the Walworth Community. Miss Wickstrom was very passionate about local, county and state government and ran at one time for a state office. For many years she served the town of Walworth on its board. With the family history of the building and trades and her love of government, Eleanor who out lived her 3 brothers upon her death established a scholarship to the BFHS Scholarship Foundation. None of the Wickstrom family members ever married.  Two scholarships were established. The first one a vocational scholarship is to be awarded to a student in a 2 year vocational, construction or secretarial related studies. The second scholarship is to be awarded to a student studying in the field of government, or engineering, and or business.


    • Higher Education
    • Interested in Government, Engineering, or Business Related Field