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BFHS Raises Money for Charities

This week, there were two opportunities for students and community members to donate money to a cause.  

The Students for Good Choices (SFGC) club coordinated a penny war between enrichment classes.  Each enrichment teacher was given a stocking to hang in their classroom.  Each penny that was donated was worth one positive point, each dollar bill donated was worth 1,000 positive points for each dollar, and each silver coin was its worth in negative points.  The money will be donated towards local charities.  A portion of the money will be given towards the bomb threat reward and BFHS' post prom, while most of the money will be given towards the local food pantries.  In total, the students and staff donated $1,318.63.  The winning enrichment period from Mrs. Gulotta earned a breakfast delivered by Santa Claus on Wednesday.

During Thursday night's girls basketball game against Whitewater High School, the BF Board of Education and Athletic Department sponsored a fundraiser to support a Whitewater family.  The DePorter family from Whitewater, a family of five with two high-school aged children, lost their house to a house fire Tuesday night.  The Board of Education voted to donate the night's ticket sales to the DePorter family and sponsored a Dash for Cash during halftime.  In total, $1,390 was raised, which included $376 from the ticket sales and $1,014 from the Dash for Cash.  The money was delivered to the family on Friday, December 21.

BFHS is very proud of its students and community members who came together to raise money this week.