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Big Foot High School is Applying for an AODA Grant

BFHS is submitting an application for the Wisconsin DPI AODA Program Grant. Before we officially submit, we are interested in your thoughts. Please see the abstract below to learn what we are planning to do with the grant money. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback  on the program proposal please contact Mr. Paul.


Big Foot High School (BFHS) aspires to be a thriving learning community. To thrive, BFHS believes focus must be on continuous improvement. An organization can only improve if it understands its' areas of concern. BFHS wholeheartedly believes in being honest about our current challenges and facing them head on. 
One of our primary concerns is alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) in our student population and the likely co-occurring mental health issues in many of our students. We are further challenged to find financial resources to meet the needs of our students. This AODA grant can provide the resources we need to address AODA and mental health issues in our students.
If we are awarded the funds, BFHS will implement a multi-level system of support. A breakdown of specific interventions, by tier, follows:
Tier 1:
* Youth Mental Health First Aid instruction for all staff
* Increase student education
* Incorporate Youth Risk Behavior Survey in the freshmen and sophomore class
Tier 2:
*S-BIRT training and implementation
*Small group student assistance program 
*Parent information initiatives
Tier 3:
* Increase community referrals 
It is important to note that all work related to these interventions will be in collaboration with a local provider whose expertise is in AODA.