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BFHS Science Students Listen to a Presentation from Members of the U.S. Navy

On Thursday, 5/25, students enrolled in Integrated Science, Chemistry, and Physics courses attended a lecture in the BFHS auditorium presented by members of the United States Navy about their Nuclear Propulsion Program.  Presenters discussed the benefits of using nuclear power and the ways in which the United States Navy does so on their submarines and carriers.  They discussed radioactive isotopes and the mechanics of how nuclear energy is used to generate electricity on submarines, carriers, and at civilian nuclear power plants.  In addition to getting some background information about the benefits of nuclear power, students had a chance to discuss the Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Program as a potential option for their future with Navy recruiters.  Special thanks to Mrs. Sarah Williams who organized the program.

US Navy Presentation    US Navy Presentation

~photos and information courtesy of Mrs. Angela Gulotta, Science Teacher