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BFHS Student Attends the Wisconsin Leadership Seminar

John Rouse represented Big Foot High School at the Wisconsin Leadership Seminar (WILS). WILS is a 3-day leadership conference for  high school sophomores.  WILS encourages leadership development through emphasis on their four pillars: 
  • Responsibility
  • Service
  • Inclusiveness
  • Decision Making
According to their website, "We are excited to announce that Wisconsin Leadership Seminars (WILS) will once again be holding its annual 3-day leadership seminar for outstanding high school sophomores across Wisconsin in June 2019. This marks the 42nd straight year that the seminar will be offered at no cost to the schools or students!  WILS is a state-wide volunteer organization that identifies outstanding high school sophomores throughout Wisconsin and provides them with the opportunity and encouragement to recognize their leadership potential. The guidance counselor or principal at each high school across the state is invited to nominate one student who already exhibits positive leadership qualities in their school and community.
"Our high-energy three day seminar consists of team-building activities, motivational speakers (we’ve built relationships with several spectacular speakers), volunteer service,  panels of key leaders from various industries, self reflection, small group discussions, a talent show and more. We encourage leadership development through emphasis on personal responsibility, service, inclusiveness, and decision making. WILS also has an active alumni association that meets throughout the year to provide opportunities for these young leaders to network with each other and volunteer in our communities."
John was nominated by Mr. AJ Paul to represent Big Foot High School and the class of 2021.
John Rouse at the WILS Conference
~Information and photo courtesy of Mr. AJ Paul, Counselor