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BFHS is the Recipient of an Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness (AODA) Grant from the DPI

Big Foot High School (BFHS) has been awarded an Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) grant from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The funds will be used to help students who have challenges with alcohol or other drugs. Moreover, since- statistically- the heavy majority of people who struggle with substance abuse have a co-occurring mental health problem the funds will also support improving the mental health of our student population. At BFHS, we are deeply concerned about vaping and this will be a major focus of our AODA grant programming. Our activities include: a variety of training for our staff, extensive collaboration with Credence Counseling, on-site- confidential- group therapy for low or moderate-risk students, referral to more extensive treatment for high-risk students, parent information outreach, and student education.

If you have a concern about your student related to AODA, mental health or both please consider reaching out to Mr. Paul. We very likely have a means to help. As a reminder, any communication to Mr. Paul remains *confidential and will not affect one’s ability to participate in co-curricular activities.

If you have any questions about the AODA grant or activities, please contact Mr. Paul or Mr. Parker.

*Some legal/ethical limits to confidentiality exist, if you have a concern you can discuss the limits with Mr. Paul before sharing any information.

~Information Courtesy of Mr. Paul, Counselor