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Big Foot High School Welcomes a Foreign Exchange Student

Each year, Big Foot has students join them from around the world. This year, Big Foot was thrilled to welcome one student from Hamburg, Germany. Tom Fuchs is a junior at Big Foot and is being hosted by the Nickels family (who have hosted other exchange students in the past), and also have one daughter at Big Foot, Ella Nickels. Fuchs has quickly become comfortable in his new environment. Tom joined the soccer team and looks forward to a fun season. While enjoying his time here, Fuchs has learned that life in America is different from life in Germany. 

According to Fuchs, in Germany school is run slightly different from in America. In Germany, classes are ninety-minute blocks, with twenty-minute breaks in between. Fuchs commented, “I really like the forty-five-minute lessons here and how the school system is set up in America.” In addition to the differences in the school systems, there are also differences in sports. Sports are not played on school teams, but rather on club teams. Fuchs plays on a club team in Germany, in addition to playing the piano, kickboxing, and spending time with his friends. Another thing that surprised him was food in America. “There are a lot more different fast food options here than in Germany,” explained Tom. While spending the year in America, Fuchs looks forward to playing soccer at Big Foot and making new friends. 

Tom Fuchs, foreign exchange student

~photo and information courtesy of Dorothy Carpenter