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BFHS Students and Staff Come Together to Assist Those Affected by Flooding

The Big Foot surrounding area was hit with several storms that dumped massive amounts of rain in the area.  Reports from local residents say that upwards of 16 inches of rain fell within a three day period.  With that much rainfall, unfortunately, there was flooding.  

The Big Foot community came together and supported those homes affected by the flooding.  Students and staff flocked to the Oak Knolls subdivision in Walworth to help their neighbors in whatever was needed.  Assistance was given in the form of filling sandbags, forming a barrier to the water, ripping out carpet and wet drywall, bringing food to the families, and babysitting children.  

While there is still a lot of work ahead, local residents were appreciative of the support.  Amongst others, students from the football team, volleyball team, National Honor Society, and Student Council were invited to assist.  

BFHS Students assisting in sandbagging.

Sophomore Lydia Larson filling a sandbag.

~photos courtesy of Sydney Obligato, BFHS Senior