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FBLA and Accounting Students Traveled to Milwaukee for a Business-Focused Field Trip

November 4, 2019 - Big Foot’s FBLA chapter, Accounting 1 class, and College Accounting class took a field trip to Milwaukee. This field trip was partially made possible through a Career Awareness Grant from the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants (WICPA). 

While in Milwaukee, the students attended a tour of Deloitte, which is one of the big four accounting firms. Tax and audit accountants from the firm led the tour of the Deloitte facilities and answered questions from the students about their jobs and opportunities available in the accounting field. They also discussed their internships from when they were in college. 

Next, the students toured the Lubar School of Business, located at UW-Milwaukee. Graduate students, undergraduate students, professors, and the recruitment coordinator gave presentations to the students about classes that are offered at the school and other information about the business school. Students were then able to walk around the school and see classrooms, in small groups led by students attending Lubar, where they got insight about the school.

The students walked away from the field trip with additional knowledge of business and industry as well as a visit to a college campus - for some, it was their first campus visit.

FBLA Students at UWM
Row 1: Tiffany Borger, Kelly Beckman, Amanda Miller, Ellyn Blakeman, Riley Summers, Monroe Melges, Lorena Bravo, Alfredo Hernandez; Row 2: Dorothy Carpenter, Tess Hoeflich, Michael Seerveld, Declan McHugh, Anna MacLeod, Spencer Majerus, John Rouse, Lucas Morris; Row 3: John McHugh, Joey Schmitz, Alex Schmitz, Angelina Anderson, Austin Clary, Liam Gerard; Row 4: Mr. Chad Roehl, Owen Martin, Jacob Laing, Tom Ahrens, Gus Foster, Jack Gillingham, Kenny Sanchez

FBLA Students at Deloitte in Milwaukee

~Information courtesy of Dorothy Carpenter, FBLA President