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Big Foot FFA Members Compete at District 30 Speaking Contest

On Tuesday, February 11th, Big Foot FFA had a very successful night as members attended and competed at the FFA District 30 Speaking Contest in all events available to compete in. Taking place at Delevan-Darien High School, members arrived at about 3:30 pm to register and conduct any last-minute preparations before their contests. With Section 10 FFA State Officer Michelle Stangler leading the event, everyone was ready to get started with their events. 

Leadership Development Events, otherwise known as LDE’s, have many different competitions and contests to compete in at various times of the year. For the speaking contest event, members are able to compete in seven different speaking contests, all of which Big Foot FFA members competed in. The events are the following: Parliamentary Procedure (team), Quiz Bowl (team), Prepared Public Speaking (individual), Employment Skills (individual), Creed Speaking (individual), Extemporaneous Speaking (individual), and Discussion Meet (individual).  

The Quiz Bowl event requires middle school FFA members, grades 7-8, to learn FFA knowledge and about the organization’s history, answering questions regarding it in competition. Middle school members Brooklyn Hill and Evan Henningfeld competed in this contest, placing third overall. 

The Parliamentary Procedure event requires a team of six to run a mock meeting using proper parliamentary rules and methods of motions. Five members debate on a motion given, on presiding as the secretary, and the final member presides as the chair of the “meeting,” leading the group through motions and debate. The following members were apart of this team: Melissa Konkel (Chair), Sydney Bender (Secretary), Ethan Jackowski, Amanda Bender, Ryan Loudenbeck, and Jacob Curtis. The team earned 1st place overall and will be moving on to the Section 10 speaking Contest on March 18th. 

The Prepared Public Speaking event requires a member to write and memorize a 6-8 minute speech on an agriculture topic or issue, answering questions about the topic after giving it. Senior Melissa Konkel competed and placed 1st overall and will be moving onto the Sectional contest in March. 

The Employment Skills event requires a member to write a resume, fill out a job application, and answer questions while conducting a mock job interview. Seniors Aspen Zillmer and Sydney Bender competed and placed 3rd and 1st respectively, and Sydney Bender will be moving on to the Sectional contest in March.

The Creed Speaking event requires a member in their 7th, 8th, or 9th year of school to memorize the five-paragraph FFA Creed and answer questions regarding the topics it discusses. Freshman Henry Kroener and Lucy Goodman competed and placed 8th and 9th respectively overall. 

The Extemporaneous Speaking event requires a member to pick an agricultural topic out a hat and use their chosen sources to write a 4-6 minute speech on the topic chosen within 30 minutes, answering questions after giving the speech. Sophomores Ethan Jackowski and Ashley Lohse competed and placed 1st and 7th respectively, and Ethan Jackowski will be moving onto the Sectional contest in March. 

Lastly, the Discussion Meet event requires a member to conduct research on the given topics before the contest and debate with other members on the topic being discussed. Freshman Peyton Hill competed and placed in the top 10 overall at the contest. 

Overall, Big Foot earned four first-place awards and those four competitors/teams earned the opportunity to move on to the Section 10 Speaking contest on March 18th. All members that attended were happy to have gone and competed, many saying that they had a lot of fun and either are excited for the next contest or look forward to competing again next year!

~Information Provided by Melissa Konkel


Sydney Bender - 1st Place Employment Skills

Ethan Jackowski - 1st place Extemporaneous Speaking

Melissa Konkel - 1st Place Prepared Public Speaking

1st Place Parliamentary Procedure Team