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College Accounting Students Win a Forensic Accounting Competition

Students from Big Foot High School’s College Accounting-Honors course travelled to Plymouth, Wisc. on Monday, March 9 to compete in the 8th Annual Lakeland University Forensic Accounting Competition.  There were 19 teams from around the state, including two from Big Foot High School.  BFHS students prepared and gave a 10-15 minute presentation based on the fraud committed by Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos.

BFHS students have been attending this competition for the last six years. In our first five years of attending, our students have earned 2nd place (2015), 3rd place (2019), 5th place (2018), and unranked. This year, one of our teams was able to overcome the obstacle and win the competition, and beat out two-time defending champion Monroe by only one point. 

Congratulations to the team of Dorothy Carpenter, John McHugh, John Rouse, Kenny Sanchez, and Kayla Turpel for winning the competition. 

When not competing, the students attended workshops that pertained to the forensic accounting profession.  Available workshops included presentations by FBI fraud investigators, IRS agents, and forensic accounting private investigators. 

Forensic Accounting Competitors
Row 1: Sydney Bender, Kastyn Sherman, Dorothy Carpenter, John Rouse; Row 2: Grace Narayanan, Tess Hoeflich, Kayla Turpel, Kenny Sanchez, John McHugh

Forensic Accounting Champions
Forensic Accounting Champion Team: Kayla Turpel, John Rouse, Dorothy Carpenter, Kenny Sanchez, and John McHugh

~Posted March 11, 2020