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BFHS has Two English Teaching Job Opening for the 2020-2021 School Year

There will be job openings at Big Foot High School for two English Teachers. All interested applications should apply on WECAN.

Big Foot is a union high school located near the Illinois boarder with easy access to Milwaukee, Rockford, Chicago, and Madison. These positions are responsible for creating a classroom environment that develops in each student skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing that are fundamental to effective communication and literate citizenship; that develops appreciation of good literature of all types; that motivates students to read widely for information and recreation; that develops standards for critical judgment of written and oral communications transmitted by mass media; and that discovers and develops special talents of students in the field of English.

We are a progressive school with a desire to push students to their academic ceiling in all subject areas. Great classroom management and collaboration skills are a must.

Extracurricular opportunities are available.

Job Posting

~Posted June 10, 2020