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The Rock Valley Conference Delays All Fall Sports to After the Winter Season

August 7 Update: The Big Foot Board of Education is allowing low-risk sports to continue during the fall season. Therefore, Cross Country, Girls Tennis, and Girls Swim will still hold their athletic seasons during the fall. Boys Soccer, Football, and Volleyball will move with the Rock Valley Conference to early spring. 


The Rock Valley Conference met earlier today to discuss a number of items related to fall sports.  It was decided by the conference to have the athletic directors of each school within the conference develop an equitable schedule for sports programs, delaying fall sports to the conclusion of the winter sports season, to have spring sports season start after the fall sports season concludes, including truncated seasons as appropriate.  

While Big Foot hoped to be able to compete in low-risk sports in the fall, knowing how important the social and emotional well being is for students, we will support and respect the decision of the RVC. We are in a different county with different Covid metrics from others schools. Safety of our athletes is number one, and the opportunity to re-open schools covid free in September was also a top priority for superintendents.

The Rock Valley Conference also approved a petition from the School District of Monroe to join the RVC for all eligible sports for the 2020-2021 school year with the caveat that equitable schedules be developed with school size in mind whenever feasible.  

The health and wellbeing of students, staff, and families is of utmost priority. The decision made by the Rock Valley Conference was not made lightly and preserves the possibility of participating in typical fall activities in what we all hope is an environment less susceptible to the spread of COVID-19.

~Posted July 31, 2020