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The BFWB Girls Tennis Season Started in August

On August 17, 2020, the Big Foot/Williams Bay girls tennis team began their much anticipated season. Girls tennis is one of the three fall sports that is still being continued, along with Cross Country and Girls Swim. Unlike the start of last year's season, the ladies could use Big Foot’s newly renovated tennis courts instead of using the ones at Badger High School. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the girls had to get into the new routine of staying socially distant from one another during all practices. They also had to get used to tapping their opponent’s racquet instead of shaking hands with them, which is done after a match at the net. Other precautions taken include playing with their own tennis balls, disinfecting score cards, taking a bus instead of the school van, and wearing a mask during practices that are inside. Regardless of the minor setbacks that COVID-19 has brought, all 38 members of the girls tennis team have continued to have fun and as some may say, “take them dubs.” 

~Information courtesy of Angelina Anderson
~Posted September 15, 2020