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The Cross Country Season Started in August

On the seventeenth of August, the Cross Country season started, being one of the three fall sports that is still being continued, along with Girls Tennis and Girls Swim. One of the major changes this season is the formatting of races to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The tradition of larger invites with hundreds of runners has been replaced with smaller events with about 20-30 runners per race in an effort to maintain social distancing. There is only one girl doing Cross Country this year at Big Foot, which is junior Sydney Luek. Luek ran a PR (personal record) at a recent meet and is one of the team captains for Cross Country. Junior Gus Foster is also a team captain and has many accomplishments to be proud of. Even though Foster is a first year Cross Country runner, he won first place in the third race of the season and placed in the top 5 in each race thereafter. Despite the effects of COVID-19, every runner continues to improve their skill, with numerous personal bests on a weekly basis. Coach Newman would love to build this sport into something throughout the state and welcomes anyone interested in Cross Country with open arms. 


~Information courtesy of Angelina Anderson