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Students and Staff Are Encouraged to Dress Up for Winter Week

From Monday, December 14 to Tuesday, December 22, both students and staff are encouraged to dress up for “Winter Week.” Winter Week was created by Student Council as a way for Big Foot to express their Christmas spirit through fun, merry outfits and to boost school morale during the pandemic. Many students have already gone all out for the first few dress up days, and it’s not too late to start planning what to wear! The dress up days are listed below and posted around the school. A prize will be given to the best dressed student or staff of each day. 

Monday, December 14: Merry Monday (Christmas Colors and Accessories)

Tuesday, December 15: Hawaiian Holiday (Hawaiian Shirts)

Wednesday, December 16: Santa’s Workshop 

  • Freshman: Iconic Christmas Movie Children
  • Sophomores: Elves
  • Juniors: Reindeer
  • Seniors: Mr. and Mrs. Claus
  • Staff: Christmas Decorations

Thursday, December 17: Silent Night (Black Out)

Friday, December 18: Flannel Friday

Monday, December 21: Ugly Sweater

Tuesday, December 22: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Pajamas)

~Posted December 16, 2020

~Information courtesy of Angelina Anderson