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Big Foot High School Celebrated Hope Week Before Spring Break

The Big Foot High School Hope Squad celebrated Hope Week with a series of activities designed to help achieve their vision.

  • Each day students were encouraged to dress in a certain color to represent a feeling
    Monday- red for energy and focus
    Tuesday- white- for happiness and self-respect
    Wednesday- green for balance and harmony
    Thursday- blue for calm and friendship
    Friday- purple for kindness).

  • Hope Squad members read an announcement each day, alternating between educational and real life examples.

  • Early in the week, students had the opportunity to wear a struggle bead necklace where the color matches a struggle (for example, gold beads represented a struggle with self-confidence). This activity was very powerful, students learned that they are not alone if they are struggling.

  • On Tuesday and Thursday Hope Squad served free hot chocolate and coffee.

  • All week long students had the opportunity to write a compliment card for another student or staff member; Hope Squad students delivered them on Friday.

  • There was also a "Take What You Need" wall that was filled with affirmations and positive thoughts posted on post-it notes so any student or staff could 'take what they need' off the wall all week long.
  • Lastly, Hope Squad members greeted students all week long and gave away our signature candy (lifesavers) as well as bracelets and bag tags that read "Hope Finds A Way at Big Foot High School".

The Hope Squad is hopeful they had a positive impact on our school during Hope Week and throughout the school year.

~Information Courtesy of Mr. AJ Paul, Hope Squad Co-Adviser
Posted April 2, 2021