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FBLA Students Qualify for Nationals

Congratulations to our FBLA State Qualifiers and our 9 National Qualifiers! 33 students virtually attended the State Leadership Conference on April 12. These students qualified for the state conference by earning a top three finish at the regional competition on February 6. The students competed in 21 different events; in order to qualify for nationals, they needed to earn in the top 4 of their respective event out of the 21 state qualifiers. The National Competition has been moved to a virtual conference where the students will be presenting over Zoom calls throughout the month of June. 

Congratulations to our National Qualifiers!

State Champions
Emily Leon  Valeria Lopez
Emily Leon & Valeria Lopez - Social Media Strategies
Emily and Val took second place at the regional competition, but improved their presentation to become state champions in this event. Emily and Val had to create a social media campaign based on the following prompt, "Develop long-term branding strategies to increase awareness and membership engagement for your local or state FBLA chapter using multiple social media platforms."

Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller - Database Design & Application
Amanda, who won this event in her regional competition, followed that up by winning the state competition. Amanda completed a one-hour pre-conference production test where she was given several jobs to complete utlizing Microsoft Access. She also took an objective test related to Microsoft Access and databases.

State Runner-Ups
Nathan Birdsall
Nathan Birdsall - Impromptu Speaking
Nathan took third place at the regional competition, but improved to second place at the state competition. Nathan was given his event 10 minutes before he was to give his speech, and his speech had to be anywhere between 3.5 and 4.5 minutes. 

Elijah Laing
Elijah Laing - Computer Game & Simulation Programming
Eli was a state qualifier in an event that did not have a regional component. Eli needed to create an original game designed around a puzzle concept that followed multiple state-defined criteria. His presentation needed to demonstrate the game as well as share the process in coming and developing his game. 

Spencer Majerus
Spencer Majerus - Electronic Career Porfolio
Spencer had to create an electronic career presentation about a potential future career opportunity. He turned his regional championship presentation into a state second place presentation. Spencer chose to present on being a lawyer and how he will pursue his law degree. Spencer's presentation included research on his career choice as well as a demonstration of his resume and personal experiences.

Kaden Rambatt
Kaden Rambatt - Computer Applications
Kaden won this event at the regional competition and continued his success by taking second place at the state competition. Kaden completed a two-hour pre-conference production test where he was given several jobs to complete utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. He also took an objective test related to the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

Third Place
Michael Seerveld
Michael Seerveld - Introduction to Information Technology
Michael is a two-time national qualifier after qualifying for nationals as a freshman in Database Design & Application last year. In this event, Michael was the regional champion and took home the third place trophy at state. For the state competition, Michael took an objective test on general information technology competencies. 

Fourth Place
Nicole Counter
Nicole Counter - Job Interview
Coco took second place at her regional competition and followed that up with a fourth place finish at the state competition. Coco had to submit a Cover Letter and a Resume to a fictitious company applying for "any job that she would be qualified for." On April 12, Coco was interviewed over a Zoom call by a panel of judges pretending to be the hiring committee of the company.

In addition to the nine national qualifiers, we also have one team who will be an alternate in one of the top four in their event is not able to attend the national conference. Congratulations to Ellyn Blakeman and Declan McHugh for earning fifth place in Sales Presentation.

~Information provided by Chad Roehl, FBLA Co-Adviser