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Big Foot’s Junior-Senior Prom Was Held at The Abbey Resort on Sunday, May 23.

On Sunday, May 23, Big Foot held their junior-senior prom at The Abbey Resort. The night began with a delicious three course meal. Prom attendees could choose their main entree, being either Lemon Chicken or Fettuccine Alfredo. After everyone nourished themselves, people could choose from a multitude of activities to do. There were many games including corn hole, mini golf, and connect 4, a movie, and a bonfire outside. Some students even chose to bust a move on the dance floor for a bit, making sure to keep their masks on the entire time. After about a half an hour after dinner, prom court was announced. The Junior Prom Queen was Riley Summers and the Junior Prom King was Gus Foster. The Senior Prom Queen was Tess Gillingham and the Senior Prom King was John Rouse. The night ended with trivia questions, sponsored by SFGC, with a prize of $300 to the winning table. There was also a dance off and everyone did the classic Cupid Shuffle. Although this year was not a traditional prom, everyone still had an amazing time and made everlasting memories with their friends. 


Senior Prom CourtSenior Prom Court

 Junior Prom CourtJunior Prom Court



~Posted May 25, 2021

~Information courtesy of Angelina Anderson and Spencer Majerus