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Mr. Slawson’s Foods Classes Baked Christmas Cookies

During the week of December 13, students in Mr. Wes Slawson’s foods classes prepared a variety of Christmas desserts. The hallways were filled with the sweet scent of fresh baked cookies all week! Each lab group was in charge of making 2 types of cookies of their choosing, and were instructed to make 4 dozen of each cookie. With each group making 8 dozen cookies total, there were plenty of cookies to go around. Students were rewarded with Christmas cookie baskets at the end of the week that included samples of the different cookies made in their class period. Everyone who received one shared their box of cookies with teachers, friends, and family. Some of the delicious holiday desserts made included snickerdoodles, gingerbread men, cake balls, lemon butter cookies, fudge, frosted sugar cookies, and chocolate crackle cookies. This exciting and delicious activity was just what Big Foot needed to get into the Christmas spirit and end the year on a great note! 

~Information courtesy of Angelina Anderson

~Posted December 20, 2021