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The Music Department Has an Announcement For All Attending The Music Trip

We need you to take care of 2 very important things as soon as possible. This information must be completed by Friday, January 7th. Please check with parents/children/step-parents so that you only fill these forms out once for each traveler (including chaperones)!
Your name on this form MUST match your drivers license, school ID, or be your official legal name. Your airline tickets will be printed with this name and it must match your identification. If you don't have a driver's license or driver's permit, we must have your legal name.
Use $1,556 for the trip cost on the online form.  
Use January 21st as the 'final payment' date
Insurance cost is $81 and must be paid online via the link above.
Initially we were including the cost of the travel insurance with your trip. Things have changed with the company, and you MUST purchase your own travelers insurance separate from the trip cost. This policy includes 'cancel for any reason' insurance so that you get money back in the event the trip is canceled, you become sick, etc. 
~Information and home page photo courtesy of Mr. Neal Raskin, Band Director