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Guest Speaker C.T. Kruger Taught Photography Classes About Cameras

On Friday December 7, photographer C.T. Kruger visited Big Foot High School and taught Mr. Boland’s photography classes about cameras. Kruger has over 35 years of experience producing news, feature, and sports photography and video. He is based in West Allis, Wisconsin and has worked for Community Newspapers Inc./NOW Newspapers and the Oconomowoc Enterprise. Kruger brought in 100 years worth of cameras and his wealth of knowledge to share with the photography students. From old box cameras to modern digital cameras, he shared how cameras evolved over history. The earliest camera he brought in to share was from the early 1900s! The students had the opportunity to hold and use these fascinating cameras, learning how they all work on the inside. 

~Information courtesy of Mr. Paul Boland and Angelina Anderson

~Posted January 7, 2022