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Big Foot High School is Recognized Nationally for our Personal Finance Education

For the complete list of this year’s 100 Best schools, click here.

The “100 Best W!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance” is the first and only national ranking in high school financial education, recognizing excellence in personal finance instruction within W!se’s national network of schools participating in its Financial Literacy Certification program.

The “100 Best” schools all participate in W!se’s Financial Literacy Certification program that provides instructional resources and assessments, including the W!se Financial Literacy Certification Test. Students passing the Test become Certified Financially Literate™ (CFL), a nationally recognized credential. Through the program, now offered in 49 states, more than one million students have graduated from high school financially literate. Metrics for the “100 Best” schools ranking includes the average Test score from each school with consideration given to the number of test takers and the socio-economic background of the students at each school.