Art Club

23-24 Art Club

2023-2024 Art Club - Row 1: Amy Santner, Vanesa Garcia, Cheyenne Southard, Lainie Esser, Yeritsel Garcia, Karla Sanchez, Kiana Jensen, Raegan Bullis, Evie Mouzakis, Inga Mereness, Kaitlyn Linker; Row 2: Mr. Michael Pitassi, Bryan Escobar, Sophia Nelson, Robin Cronin, Emily Wiedenhoeft, Brilie Esser, Nina Goeddeke, Dylan Aitken, Greta Mereness, Amore Morgan, Jane Pick, Mr. Paul Boland

     Mr. Paul Boland
     Mr. Mike Pitassi

Big Foot High School’s Art Club serves our school community by creating informational and celebratory banners for athletics, scholastic, and extra-curricular activities throughout the year.  Art Club also decorates the school and paints the windows during Homecoming Week.  They host an activity for the area middle schools’ art clubs, and they host art workshops for younger children in our surrounding communities.