Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

22-23 FBLA

2021 - 2022 FBLA - Row 1: Miya Duesterbeck, Kelsie Kroening, Scarlett Georges, Joe Leon, Mya Gonzalez, Aubrie Hanna, Alexa Clary, Patrick Finnegan, Ashley Miller, Ryann Grunow, Karen Flores, Lily Wolf, Karlie Kroening, Annabelle Pearce; Row 2: Mariah Stewart, Hannah Grever, Sophia Stewart, Northina Goeddeke, Wyatt Vail, Clemente Olague, Abby Hildebrandt, Evan Henningfeld, Noah Langelund, Elliott Vail, Gannon Emmerich, Hevlihn Howarth, Kiela Shallcross, Michaela Courtway; Row 3: Rex Auguston, Stephanie Barth, Molly Andersen, David Hernandez, Lauren Decker, Jackson Hirn, Kaden Rambatt, Evan Langelund, Erik Colin, Henry Koerner, Avery Tipps, Grace Hanson, Natalie Klamm, Mr. Chad Roehl; Row 4: Coco Counter, Hudson Torrez, Elle Barbian, Andrew Ruhl, Jack Nelson, Finn Burdick, Eli Gerdes, Patrick Corey, Cristian Lavariega, Dakota Nordmeyer, Clayton Flies, Matthew Special, AJ Hartmann, Eli Laing, Ryan Swaney, Jack Hamburg, Logan McHugh; Not Pictured: Rebecca Konkel, Gudman Mizialko-Hnilo, John Rambatt

     Mr. Chad Roehl

Big Foot High School's FBLA chapter has three main components that students participate in.

Students are able to choose a competitive event that they would like to participate in during the year. There are a total of 71 events students can participate in ranging from an objective test to a presentation to a project. Students start their competition at regionals, which is held the first Saturday in February. If students qualify for the state competition, it will be held in late March or early April. If students then qualify for the national competition, it will be held on June 29 - July 2.

Field Trips
Each year, our chapter participates in one to two major field trips. Past field trips have included trips to Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Green Bay. During each field trip, our students meet with industry professionals in a wide range of careers.

Community Service
Our chapter also has a community service component where students are given the opportunity to provide service in and around the Big Foot local communities.