Totem (Yearbook)

22-23 Yearbook

2022 - 2023 Yearbook - Row 1: AJ Zaraza, Sydney Wilson, Scarlett Georges, Ashley Miller, Northina Goeddeke, Abby Hildebrandt; Row 2: Evan Langelund, Noah Langelund, Eli Gerdes, Mr. Chad Roehl, Wyatt Vail, Logan McHugh

     Mr. Chad Roehl

The yearbook staff is in charge of designing the yearbook pages, taking the photos, and writing the stories and/or captions. Students can focus on writing or photography or participate in both sections. 

2022-2023 Editors
Ashley Miller - Editor-in-Chief
Eli Gerdes - Copy
Wyatt Vail - Photography


Please see the following files to purchase a yearbook, to submit a senior photo for the yearbook, or to purchase a senior ad.

Purchasing a Yearbook

Senior Mailing - English

Senior Mailing - Español