Hours: 7:20 am - 7:40 am

Every morning, Big Foot High School offers breakfast. You are offered a different hot breakfast sandwich every day. The hot sandwich comes with milk and fruit. (Must choose 3 items) They must pick at least one fruit choice: apple slices, applesauce, apple, oranges, or juice. There are also “grab and go” breakfasts available that contain either PBJ sandwich, WG oatmeal chocolate chip bar, cereal,  WG muffin, WG mini donuts, granola bar, nutri grain bar, or WG banana bread.  Also included with the “grab and go” is string cheese or yogurt, milk and fruit. They can pick two from apple slices or strawberry cup or 4 oz. fruit juice, and milk. Breakfast is free for all free and reduced qualifying students


  • Reduces fatigue & sleepiness in mid-morning hours.

  • Helps banish the blues.

Helps maintain weight (calories consumed earlier in the day are more efficiently utilized).

  • Improves concentration.

  • Helps you function more efficiently.

Generally improves diet (less snacking).