Gifted & Talented

The State of Wisconsin defines “gifted and talented pupils” as pupils enrolled in public schools who give evidence of high-performance capability in intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, or specific academic areas and who need services or activities not ordinarily provided in a regular school program in order to fully develop such capabilities. (Wisconsin Statutes SS 118.35)

Big Foot High School prides itself on meeting each student where they are at. Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive set of opportunities to challenge oneself, name:

Advanced Placement Coursework

Students have access to many different AP classes here at Big Foot. Additional opportunities are available through our online learning vendor APEX, part-time open enrollment, and other educational platforms as needed.

Dual Credit Coursework

"Dual credit" means a student is earning credit at another institution as well as Big Foot at the same time for the same class. Dual credit opportunities include:

  • College Accounting, which is indexed with Lakeland College 

  • Baking & Pastries, Principles of Hospitality, and Accounting which are transcribed by Gateway Technical College (GTC)

  • A suite of courses offered through our VANguard network, in collaboration with GTC (EG...American Sign Language, Medical Terminology, Microcomputer Programming)

  • Courses accessed by the Early College Credit Program (ECCP)

    • Students in grades 9-12 can take coursework at any four-year public or private non-profit university in Wisconsin, tuition-free.

  • Courses accessed by the Start College Now Program (SCN)

    • Students in grades 11-12 can take coursework at any Wisconsin Technical College, tuition-free

Big Foot High School also believes great learning happens beyond the classroom and we strive to offer a variety of enriching co-curricular opportunities. Please view our options as needed and reach out for more information. 

At Big Foot High School, we are proud to offer a high level of individual attention to all of our students. If you are looking for an opportunity and you can't find it, please reach out and we will do everything in our power to help you.