Scholarship FAQs

Scholarship FAQs

Who can Apply?
- Any BFHS senior may apply for a scholarship.
- All students should consider applying for scholarships.
How do I find information on Local and BF Educational Foundation Scholarships?
- Information on local and Big Foot Educational Foundation Scholarships may be found on the BFHS Webpage under Student Services/Scholarships AND in the Class of 2024’s Google Classroom under the topic Scholarships. 

What is the BFHS Common Application?
- The Common Application is a scholarship application that is used to determine recipients for the BF Educational Foundation Scholarships as well as many of the local scholarships (companies and families in the BFHS district’s area.  It can be found on BFHS’s Website under Student Services/Scholarships AND it can also be found in the Class of 2024’s Google Classroom page under the topic, Scholarships.  

What is the due date for filling out the BFHS Common Application?
- The electronic application must be completed and submitted by Friday, March 1, 2024.

Are there any special requirements for need-based scholarships?
- Yes.  On the Common Application, there is a narrative essay question that asks about family income.  This must be completed accurately in order for you to be considered for ANY need-based scholarship.

When and how will I know if I am to receive a Scholarship on Honors Night?
- Letters will be mailed in early May to all parents of students who are to receive one or more scholarships. Students who are to receive one or more scholarships will also be given a letter at school in early May. The letter will not specify  the scholarship or monetary amount to be given.

When are Scholarships awarded? 
- Scholarships will be awarded at the Class of 2024’s Honor Night on Saturday, June 3 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in BFHS’s Auditorium. 

Who may attend Honors Night?
- Anyone may attend Honor Night including students (whether or not they are receiving a scholarship), parents, siblings, grandparents and other friends and relatives of the scholarship recipients.

What is the Dress Code for Honors Night?
- Dress Code for Honors Night is semi-formal:  dresses, skirts, dress pants, collared shirts with ties, sports jackets. Because scholarship recipients will be sitting on stage, dress length is a consideration.

If I am awarded a scholarship, when and how do I claim my award?
- Students being awarded a BF Educational Foundation Scholarship will be given an envelope and letter on Honors Night with directions on how to claim the scholarship. 
- In general, the first half of the scholarships may be claimed by bringing in your first semester’s transcript showing a full-time load of classes earning a minimum 2.0 GPA and showing proof of registration for second semester classes.
- The second half of the scholarship can be claimed by bringing in your second semester transcript showing a full-time load of classes earning a minimum 2.0 GPA and proof of registration for the following fall semester.

Who to contact for more information?
- Ms. Bailey Racky is the Scholarship and Honors Night Coordinator
Phone: (262) 394 - 4409