Standardized Testing

BFHS administers standardized tests as required by the Wisconsin Student Assessment System. Standardized tests include:

  • ACT (Juniors)

  • PreACT Secure (Freshman and Sophomores)

  • Civics Exam (Graduation requirement)

  • Wisconsin Forward Exam (Sophomores)

  • Access (ELL Students from all grades)

BFHS also administers the following optional standardized tests:

  • ACT District Fall Testing - October 15, 2024

  • PSAT/NSMQT (Sophomores and Juniors) - October 8, 2024

  • AP Test - May 5 - May 16

WI State Testing (Required)

Optional Assessments

For more information on any of these assessments, visit The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction or Stacie Sheppard at

Assessment Sheet