Big Foot Common Application

The BFHS Common Application is used for Big Foot Educational Foundation Scholarships, as well as many local scholarships. This application only needs to be filled out and submitted one time and will allow students to be eligible for the following scholarships:

Specific scholarship criteria and information can be found under the various scholarship categories on the left.

  • Aurora Health Care-Lakeland Medical Center Medical Staff Scholarship

  • Aurora Health Care-Walworth Health Care Scholarship

  • Big Foot Faculty and Staff Scholarship

  • Big Foot HS Art Club Scholarship

  • Carbrey Memorial Scholarship

  • Class of 1968 Scholarship

  • Dalco Metals, Inc.

  • Daniels Sentry Foods Scholarship

  • Darrell and Beth Frederick Scholarship

  • Earnest & Janet Nobis Scholarship

  • Eugene & Trudy Small Scholarship

  • Frank J Hinske Memorial

  • Harris & Hope Braun Scholarship 

  • Helping Hands

  • Henderson Memorial Scholarship

  • Ingalls-Koeppen American Legion Post #102

  • Kikkoman Foods Foundation, Inc.

  • Kikkoman Foods Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund Scholarship

  • Lilian Kelling Memorial Scholarship

  • McCue Scholarship (formerly RAM)

  • Ron Pollitt Memorial Scholarship

  • Sharon Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

  • Southern Lakes Masonic Lodge #12 Scholarship

  • Steivang Family Scholarship

  • Steven H. Gerdes Memorial Scholarship

  • Strengthening Big Foot Scholarship given by Travis & Kaylee Frederick

  • The Charles & Arliene Breitenstein "E" Scholarship

  • United We Stand

  • Vernon L Welge, Jr. Music Memorial

  • Wickstrom Memorial Scholarship

  • William Charles Mecklenburg, SR. Scholarship

  • Youngquist Female Scholar Athlete

The BFHS Common Application needs to be filled out for you to be eligible for all of the other scholarships, so fill this out if you applying to others. Other applications also take this application with theirs. Please note that this application needs to be completed at one time and cannot be saved at this time. 

BFHS Common Application

BFHS Common Application OPENS: DECEMBER 1, 2023
BFHS Common Application CLOSES ON: MARCH 1, 2024 

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Racky

  • Phone: (262) 394 - 4409

  • Email:

Essay Prompts and Short Answer Statements from the Common Application for Scholarships

The following are essay prompts and short answer statements to be completed on the Common Application for scholarships.  We highly recommend that you complete these and edit them on a separate document so that you can copy and paste your final version into the Common Application. 


  1. Please introduce yourself to the Scholarship Committees and let them know the reasons you should be given a scholarship.  (You may want to give examples of your behavior, respect, integrity, motivation, etc.). Please limit your response to 500 words or less.

  2. Briefly discuss your career decision including specific examples of how you have been preparing for that future career. (350 words or less)

  3. Please list factors that influence your financial need and how you plan to finance your education. Comment on sources of financial aid including support from your parents, loans, money saved for college, other scholarships already awarded and any unusual circumstances that would demonstrate your need. It can be difficult to determine the extent of the student’s financial need so please elaborate as much as possible. 


  1. Strengthening Big Foot Scholarship Essay: If you are applying for this scholarship, please complete this additional essay located on the General Application.

    1. Submit a 1000-2000 word essay outlining the ways that you have helped Big Foot grow to better serve the community and the experiences in your high school tenure that sparked your desire to make an impact.

  2. William C. Mecklenburg, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Essay: If you are applying for this scholarship, please complete this additional essay:

    1. Submit a 250-500 word essay outlining the ways you would consider yourself to be well respected by all, but is also known for some fun loving,  mischievous behavior from time to time.

  3. The Steven H. Gerdes Memorial Scholarship is to be awarded to a deserving BFHS senior who has overcome obstacles to achieve success in and out of the classroom, while demonstrating a selfless and positive attitude during his or her time at BFHS.   

    1. After reading the summary of Steve’s life and his accomplishments, in 350 to 500 words please describe your experience at Big Foot and how you’ve striven to overcome challenges, reach your goals and make BFHS a better place.