Solo & Ensemble Results

Big Foot High School hosted the WSMA Solo & Ensemble Festival on Saturday, March 9, 2024. Students from Big Foot, Clinton and Elkhorn High Schools as well as six area middle schools performed. In total, Big Foot students performed in 27 solos and 7 ensembles (ranging from a duet to a full ensemble). At the district competitions, students can earn a 3, 2, or a 1 on their performance with a 1* qualifying them for state Solo & Ensemble.

Congratulations to our music department in getting 11 solos to qualify for state and 3 ensembles, including the Jazz Ensemble and the Minor Details Choir.

Soloist State Qualifiers are:

  • Gianna Kud (Soprano Solo)

  • Leah Paulsen (Alto Solo)

  • Kaden Rambatt (Tenor/Bass Solo)

  • Stephanie Santiago (Soprano/Alto Solo)

  • Giana Kud (Soprano/Alto Solo)

  • Guadalupe Miranda (Soprano/Alto Solo)

  • Karly Duber (Soprano/Alto Solo)

  • Kaden Rambatt (Piano)

  • Mallory Hohisel (Saxophone)

  • Kaden Rambatt (Baritone/Bass Solo)

  • Leann Figueroa (Saxophone)