3rd Place Finishers at the Forensic Accounting Competition

Members of Big Foot High School’s College Accounting - Honors course traveled to Lakeland University on Monday, March 11, 2024 to participate in their Forensic Accounting competition. In this competition, the students were given a case study where fraud was perpetrated within the fake business. The students needed to analyze the data, determine which vendors were fraudulent vendors, determine how much was stolen, and explain how the business’ internal controls allowed for the employee to embezzle the money. There were 29 teams from 23 schools. 

Big Foot1 Team at the Forensic Accounting Competition
The Big Foot1 team consisting of Patrick Corey, Noah Langelund, Kaden Rambatt, and Andrew Ruhl took 2nd place in their pool of 7 teams behind eventual champion Brookfield East.

Big Foot2 Team at the Forensic Accounting CompetitionThe Big Foot2 team consisting of Finn Burdick, Clayton Flies, Logan McHugh, and Clemente Olague won their pool of 8 teams and presented again in finals. In the end, this team took 3rd place overall at the competition. Their finals presentation can be viewed here.

Students from Big Foot High School won this competition in 2020 and have participated in finals several other years.