Diploma Endorsement Students

On May 16, 2024, the Geneva Lake West Rotary held their annual Diploma Endorsement Program for BFHS seniors who met criteria (established by Rotary) during their first 7 semesters at Big Foot. Students are evaluated on attitude, effort, quality of work, and cooperative work skills from their teachers each semester. Students were honored with a certificate and cords to be worn on graduation. 

Row 1: Karly Duber, Miya Duesterbeck, Mia Nor, Aubrie Hanna, Hannah Fritz, Lauren Decker

Row 2: Yeritsel Garcia Perez, Raegan Bullis, Breanna Browning, Mae Bona

Row 3: Abigail Hildebrandt, Stephanie Santiago, Jada Martens, Avery Tipps

Row 4: Mila Mielke, Halle Wiedenhoeft, Lizzie Lueck, Robin Cronin

Row 5: William Wojcik, Quin Griffin, Zeke Hardt

Row 6: Carter Beckford, Eleanor Paulson, AJ Hartmann, Eli Laing, John Rambatt